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Improvements planned for UK cycling infrastructure

A 2015 study undertaken by the European Cycling Federation saw the UK ranked as only the 18th most cycling-friendly country in Europe. And while there is still a gargantuan amount to do for the UK to be challenging the likes of Denmark or The Netherlands for their biking crown, it appears that steps are being […]

Travelling after Brexit: What we know

It’s probably a subject that the majority of the UK are sick of hearing about, but we must all accept that Brexit will have a huge impact on the way in which UK citizens can travel.   With no real definition of what will happen after the March 29th deadline, much of the information we […]

Do you need to train for a training holiday?

On a club ride you often hear cyclists saying that they are training for their training holiday but do you really need to do this? Surely the training holiday, by its very nature is where the training happens, rather than in the run up to it.   Well the answer depends on how fit you […]

10 new golf rules you should know

Golf can be a confusing sport for the uninitiated, with hundreds of rules, some of which may seem overly fussy or too far stuck with ‘tradition’.   And it seems that keeping on top of what golfers can and can’t do on the course is getting even tougher. In March 2018, the R&A and the […]

Visa or no visa? The world’s new entry rules

With the uncertainty that is Brexit lingering, the travel rights of UK citizens look far from clear. While frustrating, the introduction of a new €7 entry fee for travel into European Union countries was always on the horizon, Brexit or not.   But it’s not just travel across the channel onto the continent that is […]

Alister’s claim: Feeling the effects of l’Etape Du Tour

For many amateur cyclists L’Etape du Tour is the highlight of the season when it comes to their exploits on a bike. Over 2,000 riders head across the channel every year to get a small taste of what the pros experience in their quest for the famous yellow jersey.   However when it comes to […]

An introduction to indoor bouldering

Want to try a new sport that provides both an exceptional workout whilst delivering a thrilling, yet safe, environment to learn? Then indoor bouldering could be just the ticket.   The sport of climbing in general is growing rapidly. The latest UK Active report showed that in the 10 years between 2006 and 2016, participation […]

Why now is the ideal time to visit Kiev

The image that many tourists would have had of Ukraine in recent years probably won’t have been a favourable one. Perhaps the immediate thoughts paint the picture of a bleak, post-Soviet, Eastern European nation still struggling to shake off the attention of ‘Mother Russia’. But while tensions with the neighbours to the east may remain […]

Top UK golf courses to play for under £100

There are over 2,500 golf courses in the UK, all varying in levels of quality, difficulty and exclusivity. Filtering through the various review websites to find the top courses in the UK can be laborious. Even then, you may stumble on what looks like a golfers’ paradise only to discover that you need to be […]

10 top tips for sailing the Caribbean

With it’s idyllic beaches, turquoise waters and stunning scenery, it’s little wonder that the Caribbean is seen as the ultimate luxury destination. However, while the area has often been regarded as an exclusive playground for the rich and famous, wider tourism and a growing number of visitors presents it as a holiday destination in reach […]