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Our Pick of The Top Golf Christmas Gifts 2019

Golf remains a very popular pastime, with an estimated 4 million golfers in the UK. As a result, there are hundreds of gifts for golfers available. Whether you are looking for a practical or novelty gift, here is our guide to the perfect present.   About Us We have been providing specialist Sports Travel Insurance for […]

Best Base Layers for Cold Weather Golf

It is important to dress appropriately when playing golf, especially during cold weather. The right base layer can bring a number of benefits including maintaining a comfortable temperature and moisture control. You can be playing outside for several hours at a time and in very cold weather a good base layer can mean the difference […]

Top 10 Christmas gifts for cyclists

So, you know that they love cycling but what do you buy for them? Whether you are looking for a top market item as that perfect present for a loved one who loves cycling or a stocking filler for a bike fan, here is a top 10 of Christmas gifts for bike lovers.   ABOUT […]

Uncovering the health benefits of playing golf

There are many benefits to playing golf, offering the opportunity to socialise, unwind after a busy day or week and get some fresh air; especially important if you work inside the rest of the week! There are many other benefits to your physical and mental health. England Golf’s campaign in 2019, #switchoffwithgolf, focused on these […]

Understanding travel insurance and repatriation

If you are abroad and are unable to travel home on your planned flight for a number of reasons, the term repatriated is likely to be used. This refers to the process of returning a citizen to their country of origin. This could happen due to an accident or serious illness.   Repatriation costs are […]

Hidden treasures: 10 epic abandoned places to visit

All over the world there are abandoned towns and hidden gems each with a story to tell. Many of these spots make for great destinations if you are looking for an opportunity to experience a bit of history and urban exploration.  Here are 10 great places to visit.   ABOUT US We have been providing […]

Mark Richards: Father, son and the Kerry Way

“Alex is the map reader and more or less treats my like a Springer Spaniel. He simply sets off, ignores my protests and knows that eventually I’ll stop arguing and follow him.” The relationship between Mark Richards and his son, Alex, is clear when it comes to their walking expeditions.   That is something that […]

5 Winter triathlon races to add to your bucket list

The triathlon season may have come to an end in the Northern Hemisphere but there are still plenty of winter triathlons that you can partake in over the colder months if you are willing to travel. Here, British Quadrathlon Champion, Helen Russell, gives her five suggested races:   1. Noosa, Queensland, Australia November   Noosa […]

53% of golfers name slow play as their biggest bugbear

Golfers will not be surprised to know that slow play has been crowned as the most annoying aspect of the sport, according to a recent study.   Golf Magic asked 500 players to name the thing that most frustrates them on course, and a whopping 47% said that it was other golfers taking too long […]

Warming up: Your essential pre-round golf stretches

It is important to warm up before practising any sport. Warming up before you play golf has the added advantage of helping to get the best results from your swing maximising your performance on the golf course.   Light walking is well known for having lots of benefits and is a great warm up in […]