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Brits Seeking Fresh Destinations For Cycling Holidays

Brits planning cycling holidays overseas are turning their backs on the more ‘traditional’ bike breaks, in favour of new, up-and-coming destinations, according to the latest data.   SportsCover Direct has found that the number of people planning cycling breaks in countries such as France, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy has fallen dramatically in the last […]

5 alternative European holiday destinations for 2019

For some, a summer holiday is all about routine. Visiting the same much-loved destination for some rest and relaxation each year. For others though, the opportunity to get off the beaten track is not something to turn down.   Europe has a plethora of very inviting holiday destinations some more obvious than not.   And […]

Road cycling events – what’s in a name?

If you’re new to road cycling and looking to take part in your first organised ride you may have come across a number of terms such as sportives, audaxes and ultra bike-packing but what do they mean, what is the difference between them and which is best for novices?   Here I give the lowdown […]

5 Golf apps all golfers need to have

On the golf course, sometimes we feel like we need as much help as we can get. Obviously not all golfers are in a position where they have a caddie escort them through the 18 holes, giving course advice, or the option to turn to a pro for advice on their swing.   That’s where […]

An Epic No-Fly Adventure For Kayaking Enthusiasts

Everyone likes to get away every now and then. And usually it’s a case of hopping on a plane to take you to your destination of choice ready to get exploring, relaxing or a mixture of both. However, not everyone is too keen on flying to their destination. But for travel around Europe that’s not […]

Understanding golf buggy insurance

When taking in 18 holes at your local club there’s a likelihood that you will make use of a golf buggy. Your transport around the course should be protected under some sort of golf insurance, but do you know what is protected with your policy?   There are two things that golfers will be looking […]

Golf and Health Week unveiled by the R&A

The benefits of playing golf on mind and body are well documented. A study in 2016 found that on average, golfers lived five years longer than non-players.   Now, for one week in April, the R&A is drilling home the health implications of the sport with ‘Golf and Health Week‘. The event comes at what […]

10 reasons for rejecting a travel insurance claim

It can seem like salt being rubbed into your wounds when a claim on your travel insurance is turned down. However, there are a large number of reasons for rejecting a travel insurance claim that travellers should be aware of.   As always, it is important to fully read the policy wording of the insurance […]

The perfect preparation for your first marathon

A recent study found that 10% of the UK population have completed a marathon, half marathon or triathlon, and there are sure to be plenty more planning their first experience of the race.   Marathon preparation isn’t all about building up your fitness, be it with a personal trainer or your own strength and conditioning […]

Hole in one etiquette: Who’s paying?

Although you won’t find any mention in the official rules of golf, scoring a hole in one can prove to be an expensive achievement. According to one source, the odds of bagging that ace are as little as 1 in 13,000 for amateur golfers, so why could being one of the lucky ones leave you […]