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Golf Insurance for golfers and their equipment

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Golf Insurance designed with golfers in mind.

Our policy offers great value cover to golfers on and off the course, at home and abroad. Your policy will include Personal Liability, Equipment Protection, Personal Accident and Hole-in-One Indemnity as standard.


Hundreds of positive golf insurance reviews show how happy our customers are with the protection we provide on the golf course.


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Underwritten by Experts

We’re pleased to offer tailored cover from AXA XL, a leading provider of Golf Insurance worldwide.


24/7 Golf Equipment Cover

Whether you are on the course with your clubs or they’re safely stored in your garage, your equipment is covered.


New for Old

If your damaged golf equipment cannot be repaired or it’s been lost or stolen, we’ll replace it without any deductions for wear and tear.


Worldwide Cover

Worldwide Cover available, making sure your policy responds wherever in the world you are sued.



We’ll cover the cost of the traditional round at the bar if you’re lucky enough to hit a hole-in-one.


What Our Customers Say

Why do you need Golf Insurance?

Anything can happen on the golf course, from striking someone with a wayward drive, to someone else’s shot hitting you, to damaging your treasured clubs. A comprehensive policy will protect you in each of those events.

Striking someone with your ball could result in a hefty liability claim, as one golfer found out in 2007. The cost of defending yourself in court can run up to tens of thousands of pounds, so a comprehensive policy is vital.

Many will assume their clubs are covered under their home insurance policy however, this is only true to a certain extent. Only with a dedicated personal Golf Insurance policy are your clubs fully protected.

Our policy provides the ultimate protection for you and your clubs whether you are burning up the fairways at your local UK club or jetting off for a golfing holiday in the Algarve.

What and who does our policy protect?

To put it simply, our Golf Insurance policy covers three things:


Personal Accident cover means that should you injure yourself on the course you may be eligible to claim.

This ranges from the costs associated with dental treatment to a lump sum payout should you die or suffer the loss of sight.

Your equipment

Depending on the level of cover selected, our policy protects your clubs, balls, bags and more, up to the value of £7,500, whether the damage occurred on or off the course.

We also include cover for single-seater golf buggies as standard. This includes cover for damage to, or loss of, your buggy as well as Personal Liability if you were to injure a third-party whilst driving it.

Not only that, but we’ll also replace damaged clubs with brand new alternatives, regardless of their age, if they are beyond repair. We’re also pleased that we are able to say we have no single item limits when it comes to equipment claims.

Cover is valid 24hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as the Golf Equipment is locked away out of sight in a vehicle or a secure building– which can be your home, or at the golf club – and in the event of a claim, there is evidence of a break-in.

Your cash

Should you injure someone else or damage their property whilst on a golf course, our cover will take care of the cost of defending you in court, as well as any damages payable.

You’re even protected from the costs of the traditional clubhouse drinks round (up to £250) should you be lucky enough to bag a hole-in-one during a round!

For more information on our policy, please see our FAQs page.

How to compare golf insurance?

Some providers will offer free gifts or other helpful extras, but it’s important to remember what the biggest factors are in your policy.

Firstly, with any insurance comparison, look at the individual benefits. What are you covered for, and for how much could you claim? SportsCover Direct’s  policy includes benefits such as personal liability for golfers, equipment cover and hole in one indemnity, providing a helping hand when it comes to that post-round bar bill!

Also think about the excesses you would have to pay. If you make a claim most  policies would require you to pay the first part of any claim. You can see our excesses by clicking on the ‘i’ symbol on quote page.

Finally, think about the price you are being asked to pay. Our policy is very competitively priced to provide you with comprehensive cover for as a little as £19.99 a year in the UK, or £33.00 for worldwide cover. Just click the ‘Get A Quote’ button further up the page to start your quote.