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Independent Service Rating based on
4490 verified reviews.

Our Trekking & Hiking Insurance policy options

Put simply, we offer three different policy options…

1. Travel Insurance

Our hiking and Trekking Insurance will cover you for leisure or competition, and includes cover for medical and repatriation costs, trip cancellation and curtailment, plus more.

2. Travel Insurance Bolt-On

If you have an existing travel insurance policy in place with another provider such as your bank but it does not include insurance for trekking or hiking, we can provide a bolt-on style of protection for your trip.

3. Sports Accident Insurance

Our Sports Accident Insurance is designed to protect you whilst trekking or hiking in the UK, whether that be for leisure or competition. The policy provides a range of benefits including personal liability and income protection.

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30 Years Experience

We have been providing tailored Sports Insurance policies for over 30 years, and today protect more than 60,000 customers a year.

Professional Claims Handling

We work with leading claims handlers to make sure our customers experience a prompt and professional service when making a claim.

Underwritten by Experts

We’re pleased to offer you trekking and hiking insurance from AXA XL, a leading provider of insurance in the sports and leisure industry.

UK Based Customer Service Team

Our highly experienced Sales team are available to help support you with any questions that you might have.

5-Star Customer Service Rating

Thousands of happy customers have awarded us a 5-star customer service score on the independent feedback platform, Feefo.

500+ Sports Covered

Being a specialist in Sports Insurance, we provide cover for over 500 different sports & activities, far more than other providers.

What is Trekking Insurance?

Trekking Insurance will protect you whether you are trekking in Nepal tasked with reaching Everest Base Camp or heading for a slightly less daunting challenge somewhere else in the world.  

If you travel abroad and seeking full medical and emergency protection, you can take out our worldwide Sports Travel Insurance. The policy will include cover for emergency medical expenses and repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, equipment cover and much more.

If you are trekking in the UK, our Sports Accident Insurance provides personal liability and accident cover, as well as including the option to add on income protection.

A Male trekking in the mountains

Choosing the right altitude cover

We break our sports into risk groups, and with trekking we go even further. The higher you intend to trek, the higher risk group cover you will need to take out.

Our trekking insurance works in this way to ensure that those trekking to 1,500m, for example, don’t have to pay the same premium as those heading to Everest Base Camp. With greater altitude comes greater risks. Not only does the likelihood of a claim increase, but so too does the cost of rescuing a stranded trekker or hiker.

We have made some exceptions on some popular treks including special exception for Mount Kilimanjaro. With thousands of groups climbing the mountain every year, we deem it to be less risky than lesser-climbed routes of a similar altitude. Just select ‘Trekking – Up Kilimanjaro’ when getting your trekking insurance quote.

What is Hiking Insurance?

Hiking Insurance will protect you whether you are heading abroad or staying in the UK.

If you are choosing to go hiking overseas, our Sports Travel Insurance policy will protect you against medical expenses, liability, and repatriation, as well as travel benefits such as baggage, flight delays, and cancellation.

For those planning to enjoy hiking in the UK, our Sports Accident Insurance offers personal accident and sports injury cover to safeguard against the financial effects of an injury sustained during hiking.

Ensure you pack your policy before you set off on your hiking adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common hiking injuries include trips or falls due to uneven terrain and so suitable footwear is strongly advisable.

Hardwearing and comfortable trainers or boots can minimise damage as a result of sprains and ligament injuries. Rural locations, popular with hikers because of the scenery, can become hazardous in severe weather conditions.

Plan your trips in advance and hike with an experienced person or guide when necessary. Risks aside, all you need is good shoes, a few pieces of proper, appropriate clothing and a comfortable pack before you’re ready to go and enjoy the beauty of hiking!

Standard travel insurance policies do not always cover hazardous sports. Our Sports Travel Insurance is specifically designed to cover over 500 high risk activities such as paragliding, skateboarding, ski-acrobatics and many more.

Our Sports Travel Insurance policy provides up to £5,600 worth of equipment cover. This add-on not only protects your own equipment, but also any equipment you hire during your trip. It also covers your trekking equipment in transit to and from your destination.

Yes, our Trekking Travel Insurance can generally be taken out even if you have a medical condition. We can almost always offer cover at no extra cost, but occasionally our underwriters may apply special terms if you subsequently needed to make a claim relating to your condition.

You can purchase our Trekking Insurance online up until 74 years old. Above this age, you would need to call us on 01494 484800 and we will be able to refer your quote to our underwriters. Please note, our quotes are based on your age at the start date of cover.

* 10% online discount applies to our Sports Travel Insurance and Activity TopUp policies only. 

**Data relates to Sports Travel Insurance claims from Jan 2021 to Dec 2021 inclusive.

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