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Attire guide: What to wear clay pigeon shooting

If you are heading to a clay pigeon shoot for the first time, knowing what to wear can be confusing. However, compared to other forms of shooting, such as game hunting, there are less rules and etiquette you need to follow.   Essentially, the main thing to consider when deciding what to wear clay pigeon […]

Top tips: Beginners guide to clay pigeon shooting

Mastering your technique when clay pigeon shooting can be a time-consuming venture. With a large number of variables, ensuring you are on target more often than not can take plenty of practice.   However, by following our top clay pigeon shooting tips, you can set yourself on the way to becoming a skilled shooter of […]

Top 10 UK Pheasant Shooting Locations

There are some exquisite locations for pheasant shooting in the UK, with an abundant of differing terrain, cover and landscapes producing shoots for both beginners and seasoned pros.   Some shoots will rank higher than others in many a shots mind, and priorities with vary from person to person. However, we’ve picked out our top […]

Your 2018 Game Shooting Season Calendar

Knowing when you can and can’t shoot certain quarry is part and parcel of being a responsible shooter. Failure to abide by the set dates and seasons by which game can be hunted can see you landed with a large fine.   Different quarry, whether it is game birds, wildfowl or ground game such as […]