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Our Sports Accident Insurance is designed for playing fives in the UK.  This policy will cover participants should they sustain an accident or injury whilst playing fives. Policy benefits include personal liability, broken bone cover, personal accident cover and income protection.


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    If you are going abroad take a look at our Sports Travel insurance to cover your whole trip, or if you already have travel cover but need extra cover for your sport or activity for a day(s), look at our Activity TopUp insurance. Whilst our Sports Accident insurance is valid worldwide, the benefits do not include cover for medical treatment abroad or repatriation.

    Fives Insurance


    Fives is an English sport that is similar to racquet sports but instead of using a racquet to hit the ball a glove is worn instead. The game has also been known as ‘hand tennis’.



    A fives court is similar to that of a squash court and like squash the ball is hit against the walls. However unlike most racquet sports there is no universal version of the sport. There are at least 6 variations of the sport:
    •Eton fives
    •Rugby fives
    •Warminster fives
    •Winchester fives
    •Clifton fives
    •St John’s fives


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    More about fives


    The first match on record between schools was when an Eton pair played at Harrow in 1885, the Eton pair won.


    Although the sport is dominated by well-known public schools the sport is becoming increasingly popular with state schools because of its economy of space and cost.


    At SportsCover Direct we provide fives insurance to UK residents.

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