Marathon Event Insurance

We provide marathon event insurance for many sporting competitions for marathons throughout the year spread around the world. The list below is a brief overview of some of the main marathon event insurance our customers take out cover for however we provide cover for many more!


The name Marathon originates from Greek legend, in which a Greek messenger ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians. The modern day marathon had its first event in 1896 at the Olympic Games in Athens.


To draw interest and popularity to the event the organisers drew on the ancient Greek legend and recreated the pathway in which the messenger had travelled – which was calculated to be 25.4 miles long. The event was so popular that it was given the name Marathon and the race was set at the distance of 25.4 miles, which since 1921 has been increased to 26.2 miles.

  • Mumbai marathon
  • Hong Kong marathon
  • Tokyo marathon
  • Barcelona marathon
  • Lake Biwa marathon
  • Rome marathon
  • Boston marathon
  • London marathon
  • Paris marathon
  • Brighton marathon
  • Hamburg marathon
  • Hannover marathon
  • Madrid marathon
  • Rotterdam marathon
  • Sierra Leone marathon
  • Dusseldorf marathon
  • Edinburgh marathon
  • Prague marathon
  • Shanghai
  • Gold Coast marathon
  • Berlin marathon
  • Cape Town marathon
  • Sydney marathon
  • Beijing marathon
  • Bournemouth marathon
  • Chicago marathon
  • Cologne marathon
  • Frankfurt marathon
  • Istanbul marathon
  • Venice marathon
  • Valencia marathon
  • New York marathon
  • Athens marathon
  • Florence marathon
  • JoongAng Seoul marathon
  • Turin marathon
  • Fukuoka marathon
  • Singapore marathon

If you are travelling abroad to take part in one of these marathon events then you will need to take out our Sports Travel Insurance, simply choose ‘marathon’ as your activity: Get A Quote


If you already have travel insurance in place and just need cover for the days you will be partaking in the event then you will need our Activity Top Up Insurance, simply choose ‘marathon’ as your activity:Get A Quote

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