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Ballet Insurance



For individuals taking part in ballet within the UK our sports accident insurance policy should be considered for all round protection. The product offers various benefits including personal accident, income protection and personal liability insurance whilst participating in ballet.


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    Whilst our Sports Accident insurance is valid worldwide, the benefits do not include cover for medical treatment abroad or repatriation. If you are going abroad take a look at our Sports Travel insurance to cover your whole trip, or if you already have travel cover but need extra cover for your sport or activity for a day(s), look at our Activity TopUp insurance.

    Ballet Insurance


    Ballet is a formalised type of performance dance originating from the Italian renaissance, primarily performed to the accompaniment of classical music. Ballet is widely regarded as a difficult style of dance to master and requires a great deal of practice. Despite this the dance has been taught and choreographed by trained artists in ballet schools around the world for generations.


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    More about ballet


    The most common injuries in ballet are sprains and strains. The ankle sprain is the most common acute injury in dance and once you have injured your ankle you are more likely to injure it again. The knee is also a joint that has a lot of stress on it during ballet dancing. All the ligaments in the knee are at risk for tears and sprains.


    Ballet dancing is classified as a sport where injuries sometimes occur of a minor nature. Therefore, it is recommended that adequate insurance is taken out to guard against unexpected injuries. Treatment can be extremely costly without it.

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