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Football Event Insurance

We provide football event insurance for many sporting competitions for football throughout the year spread around the world. The list below is a brief overview of some of the main football event insurance our customers take out cover for however we provide cover for many more!


Football has its roots in England with accounts dating as early as the 13th century. During the 19th century, football was codified and assigned rules and regulations which is where the beginnings of the modern game stem from. To keep track of these rulings, a federation was established in 1863 called the Football Association or FA.


To keep up with the rise in popularity of the sport, a league was set up in the late 19th century which allowed established teams to compete and play regularly. The rise and growth of football as an international game has been growing since the early beginnings of the sport making it one of the World’s most popular and widespread sports.

  • Costa Dorada Cup
  • Costa Blanca Juniors Cup
  • Torneo Mallorca (Calvia Cup)
  • Holland Easter Cup
  • Valencia Cup
  • Costa Brava Maresme Cup
  • Netherlands Easter Trophy
  • Holland JEKA Cup
  • The Bruges Cup
  • Mediterranean International Cup
  • Copa Santa
  • Football Cup Barcelona
  • Valencia 5’s
  • ESF International Youth Festival of Football
  • Majorca 5’s
  • Den Bosch Cup
  • Arnhem Bridge Cup
  • Copa Catalunya
  • Magaluf Ladies
  • Germany Football festival
  • Flanders Fields Football Festival
  • Amsterdam Cup
  • The Netherlands Cup
  • Barcelona Football Festival
  • European Supporters Cup
  • Barcelona Girls Cup
  • Barcelona Summer Cup
  • Barcelona Football Festival 2
  • Donosti Cup
  • Costa Blanca Summer Cup
  • Gothia Cup Sweden
  • San Marino Cup
  • Cup Denmark
  • Barca 7’s
  • Football Cup Barcelona
  • ESF International Youth Festival of Football

If you are travelling abroad to take part in one of these football events then you will need to take out our Sports Travel Insurance, simply choose ‘football’ as your activity: Get A Quote


If you already have travel insurance in place and just need cover for the days you will be partaking in the event then you will need our Activity Top Up Insurance, simply choose ‘football’ as your activity:Get A Quote

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