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I believe that I am eligible to claim under the policy. How do I submit a claim?

After reading the above guidance, if you have incurred costs that you have not been able to recover from other sources, that fall under a category that you believe would be covered under the policy, please contact our claims handlers to obtain a claim form. Their details are as follows: Roger Rich and Co […]

If the FCO advise against travel, or all but essential travel after I have bought the policy and booked the trip, would I be eligible to claim for cancellation of the trip?

If the FCO advise against travel, or all but essential travel, you would not be covered if you decide to go on the trip. Furthermore, it is not a contingency that is covered under the Cancellation section. We suggest that you contact all service providers such as the airlines, hotels, and tour operators to see […]

The FCO advice relating to the country I am due to travel to has not changed, but I am worried about going, and would like to cancel my trip. Would I be able to claim for cancellation?

No, this would be classified as disinclination to travel, and that would not be covered. In that event, we are happy to swap the insurance to cover another trip if you chose to travel to a different destination / different dates (subject to an additional premium if the cost of insuring the new trip is […]

The event which I was planning to take part in has been cancelled. Would I be eligible to put in a claim to cancel my trip?

Unfortunately, this is not a contingency that would be covered under the policy. Many event organisers are rescheduling their events, so in that scenario, we would be happy to swap your cover to different dates for you. Please contact our sales team: You may also be able to claim back off your airline, accommodation […]

I’ve got Sports Travel Insurance with your company. What would be covered with regards to Coronavirus / COVID-19?

You would be covered for the following: Emergency Medical Expenses & Repatriation section whilst abroad. Maximum cover of £10 million under all levels of cover for: your medical treatment if you fall ill when away on a trip due to Coronavirus /COVID-19, or other medical condition. repatriation expenses if you miss your return flight due […]