Worldwide Cover

Up to 120 days cover abroad including worldwide cover for liability claims

Protect yourself abroad including truly worldwide cover against claims

Even the best golfers can hit a wayward shot occasionally, and sometimes it can land you in more than just the rough. If you play abroad, we can cover you worldwide for up to 120 days a year. This includes all the benefits on your policy, such as equipment cover and personal accident protection, but most importantly means you’re covered for personal liability claims, wherever you tee off.

Liability cases involving golfers whose errant drives have hit other players can reach eye-watering amounts. Our worldwide cover options give truly worldwide liability cover should you cause third party injury or damage.

In 2013, one golfer was ordered to pay nearly £80,000 in costs after a particularly awry drive hit someone walking to the next tee. The victim lost his eye in the incident and proceeded to sue both the club and the golfer for a combined total of just under £400,000.

With comprehensive Golf Insurance, you would be covered should such a case arise. Not only would the legal fees be covered (the case above lasted a whopping six years!), but you’d also be covered for any damages you are ordered to pay.

Personal Liability cases also stretch to damage to property too. Should your course of choice be located near to a residential property and you slice your five-iron through someone’s kitchen window, you could be sued for the damage.

The same could be said if you are a little over-zealous with your approach to the final green and the Clubhouse cops the damage.

So, whether your ball strikes another golfer, or damages the property of a nearby house, a liability claim could be brought against you.

SportsCover Direct’s Golf Insurance will cover you for damage to third party property as well as if you injure another person on course, up to the value of £5 million as standard.

Cover yourself for your wayward shots and get a quote today.