New for Old Cover

Irreparably damaged equipment will be replaced with new items, regardless of age.

No age limit on damaged equipment

Should you need to make a Golf Insurance claim regarding damage to or loss of your equipment, we will replace them on a ‘New for Old’ basis.

That means that regardless of the age of your clubs, bags, shoes or other golf equipment, if they are stolen or damaged beyond repair, we will provide you with a brand-new replacement to the same specification as your original item(s), or where we agree to a cash payment, this will take into account any discounts available to us.

If you are not able to provide proof of purchase, our specialist claims handlers will asses the current market value of the equipment that is lost or stolen. Please note, we will still need to see proof that you owned the items in question, such as photographic evidence, to be able to process a claim.

If you do not have the original receipt from your stolen items our specialist claims handlers will assess your damaged (or lost) equipment and seek out a replacement up to the same specification and value as your original items. There may be deductions to account for depreciation.