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Israel by bike: A great winter getaway

Escaping somewhere warm is an annual pilgrimage for many cyclists in the winter. And for a large percentage, that means heading to the Canaries or Balearic Islands. But how many people have considered Israel as the perfect destination for a week or two of warm weather training?   The Middle Eastern nation is reachable in […]

Keeping fit through the winter

As a competitive multi-sport athlete it is essential that I keep training through the winter. Consistency through the winter months translates into summer race results – a saying in the race community is “winter miles means summer smiles!” However it isn’t easy to keep active in the winter as it can be hard to stay […]

6 Instagram accounts climbing fans need to follow

These days it seems that every man, woman, child, and dog has an Instagram account. With millions of photos being posted every day, it’s only to be expected that there are some pretty impressive images shared with the world.   And for sports and adventure fans, Instagram can a great source of inspiration to get […]

Hazel Findlay: 5 recipes to fuel your next adventure

Hazel Findlay is a professional climber and a general adventurer from the UK, currently living in the Alps. She has climbed since she was 7 years old and has travelled all over the world with her climbing. A few years ago she started to struggle with injuries, this turned her attention to body, food and diet. Below […]

The Increasing Popularity of Climbing Coaching

The current individualised, achievement-based society in which most people have sedentary jobs and very busy daily schedules, and the therefore growing importance of staying healthy and fit, have had their influence on climbing becoming more and more popular.   Indoor climbing facilities allow people to get some exercise while doing a fun activity at whatever […]

Rugby’s biggest hits: The 5 most common injuries

The physical nature of rugby often mean injuries are never far away. SportsCover Direct covers hundreds of amateur rugby players of both codes to protect them in such instance.   The majority of players won’t need to call on their insurance for financial support. However, there is a disproportionately high number of those playing rugby […]

Mike McGuane: Facing amputation in Thailand

No-one expects to head out for a spot of mountain biking and find themselves at risk of losing a limb. However, that was the situation that SportsCover Direct customer, Mike McGuane found himself in at the start of 2017. Mike very kindly shared his story with us in his own words:   “My advice for […]

What you should know about your EHIC card

The EHIC card, or European Health Insurance Card to give it it’s full title, has come the rescue of many a Brit taken ill abroad. But while the card undoubtedly has it’s benefits, it is by no means the complete package.   According to research by MoneyFacts, 80% of Brits carry an EHIC card when […]

New sports to try in 2017: Tamburello

At the start of a new year many people will make it their target to try a new sport. Sports like football and cycling might be among the most popular out there, but there are countless other options to explore.   Over the coming months SportsCover Direct will introduce a number of more obscure activities […]

Trekking – 10 Best Treks Worldwide

Some of the most common walking and hiking injuries are easily preventable. Take some time before embarking on your trek to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Trekking abroad is the perfect opportunity to view some of the spectacular scenery that the world has to offer in a unique way. Take the opportunity to explore on […]