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What is the best travel insurance?

The best travel insurance will depend on the person’s individual requirements and needs. There are general travel insurance policies which will normally cover your medical expenses, cancellations and personal possessions. However, if you are going abroad to  try some adventurous sports or have a specific medical condition then you may need a specialist travel insurance […]

What are hazardous activities for travel insurance?

Each insurance provider has their own terms and conditions and will have different classifications for which sports are considered as hazardous. Therefore, it is important to check your travel insurance details before buying a policy to ensure your sports activity is covered. Examples for hazardous activities include bungee jumping, abseiling, rock climbing and skydiving.  

Will it cover me like a standard travel insurance policy would?

Yes, just like any other travel insurance, we’ll cover you should you become unwell or have an accident abroad, lose your luggage or experience delays even on trips not involving sports.

What dates do I need to cover myself for?

With this policy you would need to cover yourself from the date that you leave home to the date that you return to your home – not just for the dates that you will be doing an activity. You don’t need to add on extra days in case your flight is delayed though – if […]

Can I take out this policy after I have left my country of residence?

No you can’t. It must be taken out prior to departure.

I am going away for a week, but only doing my sport on 1 day. Do I need to cover the sport for the whole week?

If you are taking out our Sports Travel Insurance policy then yes, you do. If you are going to be practising for an event earlier in the week, you need to consider whether you want cover for that under the policy. If you already have general / basic travel insurance you can take out our […]

Do you provide cover for children?

Children aged 6 yrs and over can travel on their own provided they pay the full adult premium. On a family Sports Travel policy, the first child aged between 2-16*yrs is charged at 50% of the standard premium provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian also insured, the second child would be charged […]

How do you define a partner?

A partner is considered to be the spouse/common law partner/girlfriend/boyfriend of the insured person.

Can you cover me if I’m pregnant?

We can cover you provided that you are not expecting to give birth within 2 months of return from the trip and you will not be travelling against medical advice.

Will I be covered if I am competing in a competition?

Most of our sports include cover for competitive sports unless they say otherwise. Often we then list the same sport including competition, so please check our full list of sports, or contact us to check.