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Am I covered for equipment that I hire as well as my own?

No, we do not cover damage caused to equipment that is hired to you. Our equipment cover is limited to items owned by you.

What happens if I go abroad to play and my clubs are lost or delayed in transit?

If you need to make a claim for equipment that is lost in transit you are required to report them missing with the relevant carrier. We will require you to show us that you have taken all precautions to deal with the missing equipment directly with the carrier in this situation. If your clubs are […]

Do you offer a 24-hour cover for my golf clubs?

Yes, we really can protect your clubs 24/7. As long as your equipment is locked away in a secure environment when not in your possession they are covered for damage, loss and theft.

Do I need my original receipts to make a claim for equipment damage, loss or theft?

In the event of making a claim we may ask for proof of purchase or ownership. In the event of equipment needing to be replaced, our specialist claims teams will endeavour to provide you with equipment to the same specification and value as the items you are claiming for. If you don’t have a receipt, […]

Is golf equipment covered on a ‘New for Old’ basis?

Yes, we will replace any equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen with a brand-new replacement, to the same value as per your original purchase, as long as you have proof of purchase. There is no age limit to this, so works in the same way for clubs that are two-years-old and 10-years-old. If you […]

Is my equipment insured when in a car?

Your equipment is only covered when in a motor vehicle when it is place in a locked boot or a covered luggage area and the vehicle’s security devices are fully enabled. We will also need to see evidence of forced entry verified by a police report.

Are my clubs and equipment insured in a locker at the golf club?

As long as your equipment is placed securely in a locked environment at the club, we will cover it.

What is defined as ‘Golf Equipment’?

Under our policy, we include clubs, bags, balls, trolleys,  single seated buggies, GPS equipment and range finders in our Golf Equipment benefit.

Does the buggy insurance cover me going to and from the golf course?

No, our coverage only includes protection when you are driving a buggy on the course, not on public roads.

Does SportsCover Direct’s golf policy cover me to drive a buggy on the course?

When driving any golf buggy on the course you are covered under the Personal Liability section for claims for damage to a third-party’s property, or injury to their person caused by you. The Personal Accident benefit also includes cover for you when driving any buggy on the course subject to the limits of cover selected […]