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I’m moving out of the UK, will my policy still be valid?

Yes, your policy remains valid until it’s natural expiry date. However, you will not be able to purchase another policy once you are no longer a UK resident.

What is the maximum age limit on a children’s sport accident insurance policy?

The Children’s Sports Accident policy will cover anyone under the age of 19 at time of purchase.

My child is 18, but is no longer in education? Can he take out this policy?

Yes he can, but we suggest that you look at the Sports Accident policy first as that may be more suitable, especially if he is earning money.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes – where the premium (the total price of the policy) is above £60.00, the payment can be split over 11 months. The initial payment will be 20% of the total premium, and the following 10 payments will split the remaining premium into equal instalments. There is no additional charge for paying your policy in […]

Can I take out cover for 6 months?

No, the policy is an annual policy but it is also available for one specific day or several consecutive days. If you reuiqre more than about 7 days cover, it would be more cost effective to take out the annual policy.

Am I covered abroad?

While the Sports Accident and Children’s Personal Accident policies are valid worldwide, they are not designed to replace travel insurance and are only for personal accident (death/disability cover) and liability. No medical fees or repatriation costs are covered and therefore it is best to use Sports Travel Insurance for all travel purposes as we can […]

Is the cover transferable in the case of unexpected weather conditions?

Yes, we allow two postponements, provided that we have written confirmation of cancellation from the activity centre where you planned to undertake the activity.

How quickly is a claim handled?

A lot will depend upon how quickly you send in your claim form including all the requested paperwork including wage slips, or proof of earnings for previous months.

I have bought your horse-riding non-competitive policy but would like to enter one competition. Will I be covered?

Yes you would be covered, as non-competitive and competitive horse-riding are both in the same sports group

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Tough Guy claims to be the world’s most demanding one-day survival ordeal but do not let that put you off! It has now evolved into cult status and attracts more and more competitors each year. It is open to individuals and teams and you will never be alone as thousands compete side by side. The […]