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Cycling Routes – The Insane New £5b Budget For Cycling Routes

The government has recently announced plans to boost spending on cycling routes in the UK – which is great news for cyclists! Here we look at what the proposed investment entails …   Before we start, however, don’t forget the importance of cycling insurance. SportsCover Direct offer a range of insurance options, so that you […]

A Guide to Golf at the 2020 Olympics

Golf featured in the Summer Olympic Games in 1900 and 1904 but wasn’t played again until 2016, when it was reintroduced to the Olympic programme. With plenty of big name players, from both the men and women’s game, already making known their intentions to play at the tournament, it looks set to be a much […]

10 Epic Trekking Challenges to take on in 2020

Whether you are trying to reach the summit of Everest or are up for a walking holiday challenge, there is something to suit all abilities and budgets in our top 10 trekking challenges for 2020. Just remember that all challenges will present some degree of risk,  so it is important to have a trekking insurance […]

What’s the best way to take your bike on holiday?

Thinking of taking your bike with you on holiday? Here, in this blog we consider the pros and cons of different transportation methods.   Don’t forget, however you travel with your bike, make sure that you get appropriate travel insurance for cycling on holiday. SportsCover Direct offer a range of insurance options, so that you […]

Top Adventure Holidays on a Budget

If you are planning an adventure holiday, then don’t panic about needing an endless supply of cash. Some of the greatest adventures have been funded with the smallest of budgets. We take a look at some of the best budget adventure holiday ideas, to give you some inspiration.   Bike Tour   If you are […]