Karate Event Insurance

We provide karate event insurance for many sporting competitions for karate throughout the year spread around the world. The list below is a brief overview of some of the main karate event insurance our customers take out cover for however we provide cover for many more!


Karate was originally used as a method of fighting in China, which during the mid-14th century they introduced the technique of karate into Japan. Japan is generally credited with the modernisation and popularisation of Karate with the country donning the white uniform and coloured belt ranks that characterise and distinguish it in the martial arts world.


There are a number of styles and forms of Karate which vary from school to school but all incorporate basic stances and movements which make it into a combat sport.

  • Grand Prix
  • Premier League
  • International East Open
  • Premier League
  • Balkan Senior Championships
  • International Karate Tournament
  • Premier League
  • World Cup
  • Golden Belt
  • Premier League
  • EKF Senior Championships
  • Premier League
  • Danube Cup
  • AKF Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships
  • EKF Championships
  • Arab Championships
  • UFAK Senior Championships
  • PISU World University Championships
  • PFK Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships
  • Small States of Europe
  • Mediterranean Senior Championships
  • Premier League
  • Croatia Open
  • Premier League
  • World Senior Championships
  • Venice Cup karate competition

If you are travelling abroad to take part in one of these karate events then you will need to take out our Sports Travel Insurance, simply choose ‘karate’ as your activity: Get A Quote


If you already have travel insurance in place and just need cover for the days you will be partaking in the event then you will need our Activity Top Up Insurance, simply choose ‘karate’ as your activity:Get A Quote

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