Sports Equipment Insurance


Sports Equipment Insurance


One thing that makes our Sports Travel Insurance stand out above the competition is that you can protect up to £5,600 worth of your specialist sports equipment whilst your abroad.


Whether you are taking a bike, skis, a kayak or kite surfing gear, or if you are hiring it overseas, we can include cover within your policy.


Depended on whether you choose our Bronze, Silver or Gold policy you will be covered for £200, £400 or £600 worth of sports equipment as standard. Choose the Gold policy and you can increase that cover up to a total of £5,600.


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How It Works:

We’ll cover your sports equipment or that which is hired to you during your trip.


We’ll pay for:

The cost of hiring replacement equipment
The intrinsic value of the lost or damaged sports equipment
The cost of repair of your sports equipment


You will be responsible for the first 10% of each claim. This will be calculated from the total amount to be claimed prior to the application of the excess.


When it’s covered

Your sports equipment will be covered whilst on a trip insured under this travel insurance policy. For Single Trip policy holders, your equipment will be covered from the start of your insured trip until the date of return. For Annual policies, equipment is NOT covered between trips.


What we cover

Your Equipment will be covered against:


Theft or attempted theft — provided the Sports Equipment is securely looked in a building or a facility specifically for equipment storage or locked using a specialised locking mechanism. In the case of bikes we expect any bike left unattended and not in a locked building or equipment storage facility to be secured by a lock with the appropriate Sold Secure Rating:


Bike Value Sold Secure Rating

£0 – £500 Bronze
£501 – £1,500 Silver
£1,501 – £5,600 Gold


Damage — excluding wear and tear and gradual deterioration, this includes damage (not theft or loss) whilst in the hands of the airlines or other carrier provided the sports equipment is securely packaged with a receipt from the airline/carrier and in the event of a claim you have obtained a carriers report or property irregularity report (see the policy wording) section 13 for terms and conditions). Any damaged item must be kept for our inspection, photographic evidence must also be taken.


What we expect

You should exercise reasonable care in the supervision of your sports equipment.
In the event of loss or theft or attempted theft you must report this to the police immediately (no later than 48hrs after discovery) and you must obtain a written policy report.
You must make every effort to recover lost or stolen sports equipment.


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