Public Liability

Up to £10 million of third-party liability cover

Equipment Cover

Cover your guns and equipment against loss and damage

Personal Accident

Personal accident cover protects you on shoots

What does our Pistol Shooting Insurance Cover?

  • What’s covered?
  • Personal liability cover of up to £10 million
  • Up to £50,000 worth of protection against damage, loss and theft of your equipment
  • New for old cover as standard on all equipment up to 3-years-old
  • Personal accident cover of up to £50,000 in case of injury on a shoot
  • Protection whilst anywhere in Europe as standard
  • Eight shooting disciplines covered
  • Optional cover for gun dog vet fees
  • What’s not covered?
  • Pest control
  • Professional shooters- those who earn more than 50% of their income through shooting activities
  • Cover for shooting or damage to equipment outside of Europe
  • Any illegal activity under local law (e.g bowhunting in the UK)

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What activities are covered?

Your policy protects you when taking part in eight different shooting disciplines in the UK and Europe.

The following activities are covered under this policy:

  • Driven Shooting
  • Rough Shooting
  • Wildballing
  • Target Shooting
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Black Powder Shooting
  • Archery
  • Paintballing

Q2. What is included under the equipment cover benefit?

Any pistols, rifles and other licensed guns named under the Firearms Act can be covered by our shooting insurance policy.

The following equipment can also be covered under this section:


  • Sights
  • Binoculars
  • Ammunition
  • Clothing
  • Any other accessories specifically designed and purchased for shooting


Your equipment is covered for loss or damage whilst on a shoot, and when securely stored on your or anyone else’s premises.

Q3. Does my policy include the animals I work with (e.g. Gun Dogs)?

You can add cover for vet bills to protect you should your gun dog require treatment due to an injury sustained on a shoot.


We can provide up to £1,000 worth of cover for veterinary bills on each policy. Just select the vet fees extension when getting a quote.

Q4. How do I prove I’m covered?

Once you have purchased your Shooting Insurance we will send you all your documents via email including your Policy Schedule to show you are fully covered.


If you have chosen to include Public Liability on your policy we will also provide you with a handy Cover Card which you can take with you on shoots to show others that you have suitable protection in place.

Q5. Who is eligible to take out this cover?

Anyone can take out a policy provided that they are compliant with the Fireams Licensing Law 2016 or any subsequent legislation, are not a professional (receiving more than 50% of your income through shooting) and are not undertaking any vermin or pest control in a professional manner.

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Latest news and shooting tips

Why do you need pistol shooting insurance?

First of all, pistols and revolvers can be expensive, so considering insurance cover for your guns is a wise move. With protection in place, you are covered for damage, loss or theft of your shooting equipment. However, pistol insurance is only partly about protecting your expensive guns.

Public Liability cover will ensure that should you injure someone else or damage their property whilst on a shoot, you are protected for legal fees and any subsequent settlement if you are sued. Many shooting venues will require to see proof of Public Liability insurance before allowing you to start shooting.

If you are travelling overseas our Shooting Insurance policy  automatically covers you in Europe, but if you want extra protection for things such as flight cancellations or emergency medical expenses should you get injured, take a look at our Sports Travel Insurance policy.

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