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We don’t believe taking out insurance should be a complicated procedure and as such our football injury insurance can be purchased through our website. For instant prices and immediate cover simply click on the get a quote link at the bottom of the page. Once payment is made your documents will be sent to an email address provided instantaneously.



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    Travelling abroad?

    Whilst our Sports Accident insurance is valid worldwide, the benefits do not include cover for medical treatment abroad or repatriation. If you are going abroad take a look at our Sports Travel insurance to cover your whole trip, or if you already have travel cover but need extra cover for your sport or activity for a day(s), look at our Activity TopUp insurance.

    Football Injury Insurance


    At SportsCover Direct we understand that football is a highly competitive game and as such injuries have and will continue to be part and parcel of the sport. With this in mind we have developed a football injury insurance policy designed to support those unfortunate enough to suffer an injury whilst playing football.


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    Choose from over 500 sports & activities
    Choose from over 500 sports & activities
    Documents issued immediately
    Documents issued immediately
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    Buy online 24/7
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    Secure online transactions

    More About Football


    Our specialist football injury insurance policy includes a number of excellent benefits to help lessen the burden caused by football related injuries. We have highlighted the main benefits of the football injury insurance below.


    Up to £2,000,000 personal liability
    Lump sum payments for accidental death and permanent disablement
    Up to £750 a week income protection for 6 months if your injury keeps you off work long term
    Physiotherapy fees up to £350
    Up to £20 for each night you are in hospital
    Player to player cover
    Underwritten by Lloyds of London


    Whether you’re playing football competitively or having a knock about with friends it’s important to consider the ramifications that a football injury can have on your everyday life. Taking out our football injury insurance will offer you the peace of mind required to play without the worry of not being able to pay the bills should you be unable to work for a period of time.

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