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Clay pigeon shooting insurance

Clay Pigeon Shooting Insurance

Clay pigeon shooting involves the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or targets with a shotgun or similar fire arm. This sporting activity dates back to the late 1890’s at a time when pheasant and grouse shooting were extremely popular in the UK.

Sports accident insurance

For individuals taking part in clay pigeon shooting within the UK our clay pigeon shooting insurance should be considered for all round protection. The product offers various benefits including personal accident, income protection and personal liability insurance whilst participating in clay pigeon shooting.

Clay pigeon shooting club insurance

SportsCover Direct's sister site offers clay pigeon shooting club insurance which can be tailored to the need of your club, policies include public liability and employers liability, for clay pigeon shooting clubs who own their own facilities we can also arrange buildings and contents insurance.

More about clay pigeon shooting insurance

Serious accidents as a result of clay pigeon shooting are thankfully very rare. However the rifles used can cause serious injury when not used properly due to misfiring or poor shooting skills. This is why clay pigeon shooting rules insist that guns are unloaded for the majority of the time, except for just before shooting commences. Less serious injuries such as eye infections caused from stray pieces of broken targets are more common.

Clay pigeon shooting is considered a grade 2 risk sport. To avoid injuries, it’s recommended to take out appropriate insurance, follow the safety procedures and wear all the specialist safety equipment.