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What is the maximum age limit with this policy?

Our policies will cover anyone up to the age of 74 at the time of purchase. An applicant aged 75 or over cannot be covered.

Can I top up my cover?

Yes, you can increase your cover by buying income protection units to increase your levels of cover for loss of earnings. Each unit increases the benefit by £50 per week. Up to 20 additional “loss of earnings” units can be purchased meaning that the maximum payout per week could be £1000 as long as that […]

Can I claim for loss of earnings immediately?

You cannot claim for any loss of earnings for the first 2 weeks that you are unable to work, but after that, as long as you are signed off by a doctor, you can claim for up to 26 weeks from the date of the accident.

I’m self employed and my pay varies from week to week. How would you calculate my loss of earnings?

We would ask to see evidence of your take home pay for the previous year, and divide that by 52 to calculate the weekly payout. Earnings are classed as anything that you pay yourself that you pay tax on.

I currently take home £400 a week. Would the policy pay me that amount as loss of earnings?

No, the maximum that you would receive would be a maximum of 75% of your normal take home pay, so £300 in this case assuming you had taken out cover for up to £300 loss of earnings.

I want to take out gym work insurance but I also power-lift. Can you cover me?

Yes, we also offer cover specifically for power-lifting. As it is in a higher group, you will need to select the sport of power-lifting and then you will automatically be covered for any gym work you choose to do as well.

I’m moving out of the UK, will my policy still be valid?

Yes, your policy remains valid until it’s natural expiry date. However, you will not be able to purchase another policy once you are no longer a UK resident.

How quickly is a claim handled?

A lot will depend upon how quickly you send in your claim form including all the requested paperwork including wage slips, or proof of earnings for previous months.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes – where the premium (the total price of the policy) is above £60.00, the payment can be split over 11 months. The initial payment will be 20% of the total premium, and the following 10 payments will split the remaining premium into equal instalments. There is no additional charge for paying your policy in […]

Can I take out cover for 6 months?

No, the policy is an annual policy but it is also available for one specific day or several consecutive days. If you require more than about 7 days cover, it would be more cost effective to take out the annual policy.