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Public Liability

All individuals who take part in sport and recreation have a duty of care to ensure they do not cause personal injury, financial loss, or damage to property. If their actions do cause injury, loss or damage and “negligence” can be proved, they become liable to pay for compensation as a result of their actions. Public liability provides cover for legal liability following accidental injury to another person or damage to third party property.

Our public liability cover is a single insurance policy which embraces several classes of liability including those described below:

Legal liability & defence costs

Defence costs include those associated with protecting you from the risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits. This could include for example the costs of hiring a solicitor to defend you against a claim. Nowadays even minor injuries and property damage can lead to major compensation charges. Where there's blame, they say, there's a claim. If one's ever made against you or your business by a third party, we will cover your defence costs. Legal liability to pay claims and associated legal costs may arise from wrongful advice given, loss or damage to material property or accidental bodily injury to a third party.

Advice inclusion (if applicable)

Protects instructors, coaches or others who supply a skill or service, against their legal liability to compensate third parties who have sustained injury, loss (financial or otherwise) or damage, due to errors or omissions in advice. This is particularly relevant if you are a sports coach or coaching business as your day to day work will involve coaching or instructing clients. If you imagine one of your clients injures themselves following your advice they may hold you accountable. Advice inclusion ensures that any claim made against you, arising from a negligent error or mistake from advice or services you have provided are covered. This effectively means that your legal fees and defense costs will be paid for, without this insurance a claim made by a client against you could become seriously costly.

Third party property damage

A public liability claim could be made against any member of your group, club or business if they accidentally cause damage to property which belongs to a third party. The public liability section of the policy will only indemnify you or your club/business against 3rd party property damage, not property owned by yourself and is always subject to the policy excess.

Third party bodily injury

Our sports liability insurance Includes cover for your legal liability against bodily injury arising from any sudden or unexpected incident. This includes member to member cover for non-contact sports and protection against liability arising from injury to visitors of the club or business. Cover is in respect of activities within the UK only although may be extended for trips abroad (excluding the USA & Canada) at the discretion of our underwriters and subject to UK law and jurisdiction.