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    Children's Sports Protection

    SportsCover Direct is pleased to offer a sports accident insurance for children and young people offering 365 day, 24 hour sports protection. The policy includes: Broken bone benefits, personal liability, physiotherapy cover, personal liability protection; legal expenses, personal accident benefits, rehabilitation cover. You can buy the children’s sports accident insurance on a one day, multi day or annual basis.

    Cover is available to those up to the age of 19 years at inception of the insurance. Those over the age of 19 years of age should purchase a Sports Personal Accident Insurance policy.

    Travelling abroad?

    If you're looking to do your sport outside of your normal country of residence you may need to look at our Sports Travel Insurance. Whilst the children’s sports injury insurance is valid world wide it is not a substitute for travel insurance.

    The Children’s Sports Injury Insurance is not a holiday or travel insurance. Whilst valid worldwide it provides cover in the event of accidents during sport but will not pay medical bills or repatriate you home from abroad.

    We strongly recommend that for travel outside the UK/Ireland you also consider a Travel Insurance, which we are able to provide on our Sports Travel Insurance policy. Do not assume that your existing standard travel insurance automatically includes insurance cover for sports. If you require additional insurance to cover sports excluded by your current travel cover, see our Activity Top-Up policy.

    If you do require comprehensive sports/activity travel insurance please see our Sports Travel Insurance policy and remember if you have any further questions you can call us on 01494 484800.